Santander Rio

Santander Rio is one of the leading banks in payment options in Argentina.
It has 333 branches in 21 provinces operated by more than 6,500 employees who provide services daily to 3.5 million customers throughout the Argentine territory, including more than 155,000 SMEs and approximately 1,100 corporate companies.
Santander Río sought to consolidate its hybrid cloud strategy and update its infrastructure, in accordance with current regulations, including a new mission-critical Data Center where all the organization's communications in Argentina would be centralized.
The financial entity summoned Centech in a context that requires an ally with extensive experience in the design and construction of Data Centers.
To achieve the objectives, it was necessary to understand the critical nature of the requirement and provide a solution that is redundant and efficient, both in energy terms and in terms of operational safety, considering the building consolidation strategy.
Centech's engineering team promoted the project from its inception, developing the conceptual design and its commissioning. Understanding the needs of Santander, providing an improvement in scalability through new technologies, incorporating the latest solutions available on the market and anticipating a future expansion of the Node.
We carried out the complete implementation of the Datacenter in the new bank building with more than 200 m2 dedicated to clean room, with a design focused on a modular infrastructure, secure energy systems with a redundancy scheme and a dozen refrigeration equipment including the Outdoor heat exchanger chillers.
With this type of Datacenter operation, we can have real-time control of the quality of the energy of the environmental variables, the planning of its capacity and a high availability of the system.

  • The building architecture of the Datacenter was executed, with 200 m2 of clean room, a standardized RF90 envelope with 40 racks arranged in hot and cold aisles with containment that maximizes cooling.
  • We reached a total power of 120 kW in room cooling, through 12 in Row precision air conditioning units and 2 chillers in the outdoor area.
  • A redundant scheme of secure energy with UPS Symmetra 2N+1, each one of 160KW and Prisma intelligent electrical panels with the capacity of sensing on each element.
  • Incorporation of new OM5 wavelength division multiplexing technology, thus preparing for the future of high-speed connectivity.
  • Safe and reliable power distribution through a shielded busbar scheme (Canalis)

  • By applying a redundant strategy in all infrastructure systems, we allow the bank to reduce the level of risk of incidents and at the same time improve the resilience of the Data Center.
  • The modular and scalable systems made it possible to reduce the time it takes to incorporate new systems, without the need to generate new resources or networks each time it is required.
  • The aisle containment strategy, added to the efficiency of the InRow Airs, allowed us to reduce cooling costs drastically, by attacking only the areas that are Hot at the precise moment it is needed.
  • We incorporate intelligent management software, allowing cost reduction in incident management and speed in the incorporation of new equipment.

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