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Physical security is one of the most important challenges in companies, at Centech we create prevention and security mechanisms to protect your company from incidents, through our team and highly qualified solutions for the prevention, protection, and protection of the organization.
We understand the value of your security and provide you with the most up-to-date solutions on the market for it. There is a lack of highly effective and updated context, the provision and need to include analytics applications for video devices.
In environments of high security or high volume of cameras, we offer technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that include analytics in the devices themselves, this gives the operator more tools to have an early detection of incidents in the camera system.
A video analysis system provides intelligence to the cameras, reduces the workload on the staff, facilitates management and allows capturing the full value of a security solution, avoiding, and highlighting the vulnerabilities and risks that exist.
We offer products that provide full protection and immunity.

At Centech we provide security for your company assets, as well as employees through our technological solutions.
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